Defiance Gallery was founded in 1995 and is run by Campbell Robertson-Swann and Lauren Harvey. For the past two decades, Defiance has maintained a reputation as a focal point for the highest quality Australian and International sculpture and painting. The gallery’s stalwart support for sculpture has marked it as the leading Australian exhibition space for this form.

Defiance Gallery represents a varied and innovative stable of artists ranging from established Australian and international painters and sculptors to talented newcomers in these fields. Defiance also represents the estates of several of Australia’s most influential artists including those of Alun Leach-Jones, Ian McKay and Roy Jackson.

The varied exhibition calendar includes solo shows, curated group exhibitions and ‘encounters’, where invited artists work to a brief outside their normal studio practice. Defiance Gallery also facilitates and curates a wide variety of satellite exhibitions in collaboration with institutions such as the Nock Art Foundation, Hong Kong and the Australian Wildlife Conservancy.