TAP Gallery has provided an open, welcoming exhibition space in the City of Sydney precinct for over 30 years. In that time students from the 2 prominent art schools, the GLBTQ community, Women's groups, the homeless shelters and local artists have utilised TAP. It has a great reputation and is very popular because of its non selective policy. Over 7,000 artists have exhibited at TAP Gallery & many then have gone on to success, including 4 artists selected for the ARCHIBALD in 2020.

The role of TAP Gallery is facilitate a space which welcomes all local artists and community groups, not in the dealer gallery system. It is a welcoming, non judgemental space to exhibit & promote to the broader community, giving creatives an opportunity to sell their work & develop a port folio and track record. While doing so artists gain experience in all forms of gallery management, promotions. They receive feedback & growth and in so doing artists can then approach dealer galleries.