SUB - KULTURE VULTURE #5 is An experimental platform for TOUCH SOUND ART TASTE held within the Nest Creative Space in Redfern / Waterloo.

The happening is a safe space for up and coming and established creatives to push limits, and experiment with ground breaking new works ....

The nights format see’s “participants” taken on a journey through the Nest Creative space incredibly theatrical communal areas + features the newly built NEST LAB ©️where they view the artworks, performances, music, and interactive shows within otherworldly environments.

What’s cool about this event is that all shows or works are designed to be seen or experienced at ground level, so that the artists and participants merge into one expression!

Curated by the Nest Director and Artist  ØFFERINGS and produced by both Directors Daniel and Missy, SKV has an amazing local following, designed with the community for the community !

The fifth iteration of SKV see’s a new wave of Nest Artists and Musicians coming together to collaborate and create dynamic works “finally” able to express under the thematic title RECOVERY.

THE LINEUP : will be a deliciously diverse, eccentric, eclectic, all inclusive slab of genre defying works.  ØFFERINGS invites both Permanent artists within the Nest to create works + a selection of National artists to join the curation.