White Rhino Artspace is a multifunctional artspace with a focus on women creatives and emerging artists on the North Shore.
Directors Regula Wettstein and Nikki Wallace believe in the connections between art, mental health and community and are proud to run White Rhino Artspace as a platform for creative exchange.
As emerging contemporary artists and curators with a lifelong passion for the arts, Regula and Nikki are keen to foster and launch contemporary and emerging artists onto the North Shore art scene. White Rhino Artspace provides access to affordable and timely exhibition space and creative opportunities on the North Shore.
Proudly supported by TWT Developers, Bridging Hope Charity, Brand X and UNSW Art and Design White Rhino Artspace presents curated shows and is open for gallery exhibition hire and for artist run workshop events.
W: www.whiterhinoartspace.com.au
I: www.instagram.com/whiterhinoartspace
E: whiterhinoartspace@gmail.com