Ruth Ju-Shih Li

Filled with demonstrations, artist talks, discussions, exhibition walk through as well as six intensive practical activities to develop technical skills. Explore and experiment with local Australian porcelain, learn to make press moulds and test the unique techniques the artist has developed over years of experimentation.

This workshop will emphasize on meticulous and detailed technical skills while developing your understanding of porcelain as a material. In this workshop you are going to learn:
• Plaster press mould making
• Various flower making techniques
• Tendril making techniques
• Lupine and snapdragon making techniques
• The artist’s unique assembling technique and signature dot glazing
• Demonstration on specific unique techniques
• Walk through of exhibition with artist (Q&A)
• Artist open studio and artist talk (Q&A)

By the end of the workshop, you will have learned many different hand-forming, press moulding and assembling techniques as well as a strong foundation in flower making techniques. Participants will be guided to develop and create their own sculpture to demonstrate their new found skills and knowledge.

Suitable for students and artists with prior clay/ceramics experience.

Bookings can be made through our website directly, over the phone 0490 749 854, via email, or in person.

For full-time student concessions of $350, please call the gallery to book.