Rebecca Hall, Maike Hemmers, Sunny Lei, Vistaria Nakamarra Ross, Isabel Samaha, Ivey Wawn, Laura Wilson, Francesca Zak, Curated by Eleanor Zurowski

A call to rise extends conversations around the ways in which bread, and its various processes and forms, has the potential to disrupt, relate, differentiate, produce, sustain and gather bodies. It looks at the materiality of bread, and the sociopolitical conditions in which it both exists and against which it resists. Aboriginal Australian people were the first bread makers, grinding seeds into flour over 36,000 years ago and ever since bread has remained a staple in diets across the globe. Bread has mobilised people across both historical and contemporary borders. Bread is a symbol for collective necessity that intersects with the politics of labour, class and economics. A call to rise draws attention to these histories and to the personal and intimate relationships of these eight artists, whose works examine spaces of making, eating and gathering. Dialogue begins when we break bread.