Art Month Sydney Presents

Rounding out our precinct nights is Chippendale & Redfern, host to some of Sydney’s most significant galleries. Wander the streets with your curated Art Month Sydney map before hitting late night hotspot The Lansdowne for a night of music, performance and spectacle at the kick off to Art Month Sydney’s closing weekend festivities.

At The Lansdowne, expect perfumed soundscapes and dark kickdrums from Perfume Metalicker & Obsession aka Ebonny Munro’s who brings us her debut experimental DJ set in collaboration with Sydney artist Lucy Zaroyko who kick off the after-party and play at various times through the night. Second up is a debut performance debut performance from Alan Elrod featuring vocals from Sydney artist Mia Middleton. A collage of downer pop duets with silver linings, recorded between 2017 – 2019.

The duo will be followed by Jacky & the Wunderz - an elegant yet gritty marriage of distorted guitars, drum machines, synths, that sits somewhere between the moody post-punk and what they like to call hard energy blues.

Enjoy tunes by Spike Fcuk who is inspired primarily by love and obsession, addiction, sexual disorientation and Catholic guilt. She describes her sound as ‘Smackwave’ with a dash of country from the Dark Web.

We’ll finish up the night with Kween Kwong who brings us an eclectic mix of soulful RnB & feminine focused hip hop infused with high energy Detroit house/disco to have you cutting shapes on the dance floor. Throughout the night, enjoy an installation from Joanna Frank, a Sydney-based Chennai-born artist and designer. Set times below:

8:00 Perfume Metallicker // Obsession djs

8:30 Alan Elrod featuring Mia Middleton

9.00 Perfume Metallicker // Obsession djs

9:15 Jacky and the Wunderz

9:45 Perfume Metallicker // Obsession djs

10:00 Spike Fuck

10:45 Kween Kwong

2-6 City Road, Chippendale NSW, Australia
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