Green Square Library presents Speaking with your mouth full for Art at Night:Waterloo-Green Square Precinct .

For this special 1-night event, the library will be open to explore after-hours.

Curated by performance artists, Alan Schacher, and WeiZen Ho, this event brings together performing artists musicians who will lead a journey through the library.

Drop into the library anytime between 6pm to 8pm to experience an improvised visual and choreographic treat, incorporating the book as an object. Witness a book sculpture performance, join a facilitated reading circle or take part in the speaking-with-your-mouth-full ceremony.

To experience the entire performance journey please be at the top of the outside Amphitheatre stairs entrance at 6pm sharp.

Please enter through to the Library Tower entrance for lift access

Jim Denley : wind instruments
Luiz Gabriel Gubeissi : double bass
WeiZen Ho : performer
Linda Luke : performer/ dancer
Phillippa Murphy-Haste : clarinets and viola
Alan Schacher : performer
Hirofumi Uchino : guitar and electronics

About the artists:

Jim Denley : If there is to be a relevant new music for our time/space it must start with a deep listening to the world — not imposing anthropocentric constructions on it. To this end I’ve emphasized spontaneity, site-specific work and collaboration in my work — making no distinctions between my roles as instrumentalist, improviser and composer.

Luiz Gabriel Gubeissi is a bass player from São Paulo. He has been involved in spontaneous music since 2004. As a member of Brazilian group Abaetetuba Collective he played at international festivals, theatres and cultural centres. Currently living in Australia, he was part of The Splinter Orchestra for three years.

Linda Luke has worked as a performer and choreographer in the performing arts for the past 20 years. Her solo works have been presented in NSW and Victoria as well as internationally. In 2019 she will premiere her new solo STONE at Wagga Wagga Art Gallery.

Phillippa Murphy-Haste is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, and educator based between Malmö, Sweden, and Sydney, Australia. Her artistic practice reflects a broad range of styles and contexts including jazz, contemporary classical, experimental, improvised music, theatre and cross-cultural collaborations, and music-related social justice projects.

WeiZen Ho is a performing artist and deviser. She recently presented a performance installation and film project, t h e s u b t l e b e I n g s inspired by her research and witness of possession rituals in Borneo Malaysia and Vietnam. She initiated SoundBitesBody in 2012, curating 23 improvised performances in The Blue Mountains.

Hirofumi Uchino is an Australia-based Japanese artist who creates 'noise' related experimental music performances, objects and exhibitions utilising a wide range of skills and methods. He is founder of Lastgasp Art Laboratories and Defektro.

Alan Schacher is a performance creator and performance artist who works with a diverse range of materials to partner the body in evoking a situation, an atmosphere, a tension, sometimes comedic, and usually in reference to 'the diasporic condition'.

This is a free event. Drop in any time as you explore the precinct.

355 Botany Road, Zetland NSW, Australia
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