NAVA X Art Month Sydney

As we hurtle towards state and federal elections whose priorities confuse us more by the day, artists are just getting on with it. Getting on with sustaining their practice, getting on with new projects – and getting on with it all despite policies that thwart all that hard work. How best can we draw on our collective power to inspire investment in artistic courage?

Join us for an evening of discussion and collaboration, as NAVA’s Executive Director, Esther Anatolitis, sits down with two of Australia’s most prominent figures in the arts and cultural sector. Hear from Noonuccal Nuugi playwright and theatrical director, Wesley Enoch, who has recently drawn to a close the final iteration of a stellar three-year tenure as Artistic Director, Sydney Festival. Wesley will be joined by internationally renowned Girramay/Kuku Yalanji artist Tony Albert, who on the back of numerous projects and his recent solo exhibition, Visible, at the Queensland Art Gallery/Gallery of Modern Art, is now preparing for The National 2019: New Australian Art.

UTS Art, Harris Street, Ultimo NSW, Australia
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