Leigh Bisset

Opening night - 25 March, 6pm - 9pm.

Leigh’s muse has always been both the ocean and what lies beneath. One can feel Leigh’s curiosity for human nature and her delight in form.

The theme of jellyfish has enticed Leigh for several years. Jellyfish, creatures with no heart, bones or brain, are magnificent in colour and detail, possess a fluidity and grace of movement and have a compelling mystique – they just are; they just exist. Entitled “Free-flow”, this series suggests we can take something from these otherworldly creatures: the idea to live in the present. As humans, we tend to fear the unknown and things we perceive can cause us harm. Instead, Leigh proposes we look beyond fear and discover their beauty. In her works, seductive jellyfish are rendered larger-than-life in bold colours and in charcoal detail floating on strong graphic backgrounds. Their frills, like petals, pulse across the canvas – flowers of the deep.

The compelling mystique of humpback whales, entwined and suspended beneath the cloud-like undertow of waves, are steeped in metaphor for the human condition. The viewer is invited to interpret the human emotion that each creature, and it’s context within the piece, invokes. One is also invited to contemplate what these magnificent creatures represent on many levels. Undeniably, Whales are a touchstone of our concern for the environment. They have a uniquely universal appeal to the human spirit. They are unmatched invokers of awe.

Leigh Bisset is an Internationally exhibited Fine Artist, with commissioned works on display in private homes around the world including Dubai, the UK, Australia and South Africa. Her art has been featured on the pages of numerous international publications. Leigh has a passion for creating art with a sense of place, hope, and inner peace. “My objective is to create art that takes on a life of its own, work that moves and uplifts amid the noise, cynicism, and chaos.”

For more information visit www.leighbissetcreative.com

4/450 Elizabeth St, Surry Hills NSW, Australia
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