Helen Fuller

Please join Stanley Street Gallery for the Opening of Helen Fuller's exhibition, 'Coil Pots' on Thursday, 19th March from 6-8pm.

Helen Fuller’s 'Coil Pots' explore her long held fascination with fossils. Through the making of coiled vessels, Fuller references archaeology in her selection and working of materials; such as terracotta filtered clay and oxides, which are embellished with pressed Australian leaves and found materials. Interested in Neolithic antiquities and indigenous ceramics, Fuller approaches the notion of the object as a cultural/anthropological artefact.

“Form and function are integrated whereas, in reverse, my vessels override the function resulting in forms that become cavernous vessels, dust collectors or muses…” (Helen Fuller, 2020)

Preferring an absorbent, matte surface, Fuller refrains from glazing the pots – using the clay in a way which acts more like the surface of a painting. With intuition, she hand-builds the coiled vessels, subjecting the forms to experimentation and allow for process driven outcomes.

“For me, working with clay is like a 3D process of drawing… Crude/primitive perhaps (?) but my pleasure is with the tactile making and each new vessel is a step forward in the direction of learning more about ‘clay’ and finding the intrinsic forms.” (Fuller, 2020)