Ralph Hobbs, 'The Canary in the Cage'

Ralph Hobbs
The Canary in the Cage

27 February - 17 March 2019
Opening night Wednesday 27 February, 6-8pm
Art Month panel discussion Sunday 10 March, 3-4pm

'A beautifully puzzling incoherence pervades Ralph Hobbs’ solo exhibition The Canary in the Cage at Galerie pompom. There is an undeniable and unrestrained exuberance to a body of work that seems a series of brightly fleeting thoughts, delicately flickering illumination on some grander, hidden theme.

Each of the small paintings packs a condensed and poignant lyricism. In the larger work, there is a meandering ebb and flow that blurs the line between comprehensibly figurative and chaotically abstract. His birds are gentle and graceful focal points of natural beauty. His figures are a haunting recollection of a time long past. His found objects explode across the wall like a deconstructed Joseph Cornell assemblage sculpture. This feels like a disembodied dream of ancient statues and discarded objects, peopled by vivid birds.'

Excerpt from Jonathan Dalton’s exhibition essay, ‘THE CANARY IN THE COALMINE’

Galerie pompom, Abercrombie Street, Chippendale NSW, Australia
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