Julie Blyfield

Please join Stanley Street Gallery for the Opening of Julie Blyfield's solo-exhibition, 'Embrace' on Thursday, 19th March from 6-8pm.

'Embrace' is a body of work inspired by Julie Blyfield’s recent visit to the Purnululu national park in the Kimberley region of Western Australia. Presented as an intimate landscape, the jewellery and sculptured objects in this exhibition reflect the Bungle Bungle landscape; the land formations and the diverse flora of the region. Predominately made from silver and copper, the colours and impressions of this remote wilderness are revealed in each piece.

In a way, Julie Blyfield defies the ephemeral nature of these landscapes through the collecting, study and referencing of samples from each site. The organic textures, colours and formations are then transformed by the use of new and more permanent materials. The works in 'Embrace' speak to the uniqueness and wonder of these ecosystems.