Paige Northwood

Jerico Contemporary is delighted to present our fifth solo exhibition with Australian artist Paige Northwood, ‘Meditations On Red’. The exhibition will open on Thursday 11th March and continue through to Saturday 10th April 2021.

Existing at the heart of central Australia is a desert, one worn and weathered by time. Red earth, red sun, red sky. All red. A place where dust storms gather and roll across the land; where fires warm bodies into the night, flames moving in time with the wind; where rich, iron-coloured clay emerges from beneath the ground, flecked with remnants of the world that exists below. Within these visions and shared memories of the iconic Australian landscape lies the impetus behind Northwood’s latest exhibition, ‘Meditations On Red’.

Through her creative process centred in ritual and catharsis, the exhibition sees Northwood explore themes of ceremony, womanhood, and life cycles. Drawing on her experiences of living on country in Ntaria (Alice Springs), informed by her time living and working alongside Aboriginal artists and communities, through her embodied approach to mark-making Northwood reflects on all she has learned and encountered. Extending on the artist’s previous bodies of work that have utilised found materials and pigments reminiscent of her immediate surroundings in the desert of central Australia, the exhibition considers the interconnectedness between place, spirituality, and transformation.