Nat Randall & Anna Breckon, Jazz Money, Giselle Stanborough, Kate Blackmore, Bhenji Ra, Sweatshop Women, New Age Noise

Textbook for Desire in an exhibition of newly-commissioned video works and installations and a series of live, expanded ‘lectures’ that include music, dance and performance.

The exhibition reflects how dominant male-centered notions of desire continue to be revised or struck through, making space for the articulation of alternative and marginalised ways of thinking, being and desiring. Textbook for Desire offers a metaphor for the common cultural ‘texts’ and learnt narratives that teach us how and what we should desire and whose desires should be prioritised. From cinema to Instagram, and speaking to familial and cultural expectations, the ‘lectures’ and artworks reference the myriad scripts in daily life whose authority or prevalence may influence how we feel about ourselves and act toward each other, our private hopes and collective desires.

Highlighting how the consumption and sharing of knowledge is as emotional as it is critical, how we engage, rework and reject formulas for achieving ‘ideal’ bodies and lifestyles, and how the mass production of desire through consumer culture impacts individuals differently depending on their personal and cultural backgrounds, the exhibition asks us to consider for whom until now, the textbook for desire has been written and how we would like to write it for the future.

36 Gosbell St, Paddington NSW 2021, Australia
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