Anna Carey

'Faraway' presents a solo exhibition of new photographs by Anna Carey.

With memory and recall as the only reference of permanency, Australian born, Los-Angeles based artist Anna Carey is well known for interweaving model-making, drawing and photography to create fictive architectural spaces based on the urban environments of cities such as her hometown of the Gold Coast in Queensland, alongside Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Palm Springs.

Inspired by her recent travels through Europe, this latest series of works represents a shift away from places in America and Australia, focusing instead on Carey's experience of places such as Paris and the South of France. Like all of Carey's work the initial inspiration for this new series stems from a ‘Proustian' moment of recalling memories that evoked a familiar feeling of déjà vu, as if the artist had been there before. This occurred when visiting castles that have been iconic backdrops for fantasy films and also from familiar urban environments in Australia in which people create their own suburban castles by mixing vernacular and international styles to create a sense of fantasy and escape while at home. This omnipresent experience in contemporary urban environments is common within our globalised culture, and is cleverly captured in Carey's new works, which aim to present a global generic architectural style through model making and photography to heighten the blurred state one can experience when transiting between places in the world.