Ricarda Bigolin

D&K LOOK BOOK 2019 published by Surpllus, is an experimental fashion publication, subsumed in the format of a glossy fashion magazine. The launch includes a performance of reclaimed and refurbished materials that ‘cover’ the body and publication, exploring the role of fashion to ‘cover’ and subversions of function and value. This event is hosted as part of the public program for Fit For Purpose.

D&K is a critical fashion practice that sits across art, fashion, and design research by Ricarda Bigolin. Involving frequent collaborations with other artists, designers, producers and curators, Chantal Kirby is currently core collaborator. D&K produces garments, textiles, performances, films, texts and image for exhibitions and publications in Australia and internationally questioning global fashion and textile economies, the commodity and value of the mass produced and the performance of fashion on individuals. Their practice seeks to engage and communicate the greater social, cultural, ethical and political impact of fashion production and consumption. Holding academic roles with RMIT University’s School of Fashion and Textiles, Dr. Ricarda Bigolin is Associate Dean of Fashion and Textile Design and Chantal Kirby is Lecturer and Program Manager in Fashion Design programs.

UTS Art, Harris Street, Ultimo NSW, Australia
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