G.W. Bot

Please join us on Saturday 7 March at 2pm for a discussion with G.W. Bot on her latest exhibition 'Glyphs' at Australian Galleries, Sydney. This is a free event, all welcome.

‘From decades spent drawing thousands of quick sketches in the Australian landscape, I have devised an alphabet or language - a system of marks I call ‘Glyphs’. A ‘Glyph’, is a bit like a letter or word written by nature itself. My work is intimately related to and has a sense of oneness with the landscape and our passage through it. I work with paper, canvas, bronze, steel, ceramics, glass and most recently, granite rocks. Each of these materials comes from the earth and each has an unique quality of the landscape, the Australian landscape we live in - a landscape that is at once resilient - how many fires, floods and droughts; the scarring by nature itself, does it endure and keep regenerating but also how fragile at the same time. This fragility has been added to by humankind through mining, over-development, incompetent politicians, wars and greed and something we call, climate change.

After 40 years working as an artist, I do not feel as a tourist or a visitor in the landscape but as a native, one who is part of this land and one who knows that if we do not look after it, we will destroy it and in turn it will destroy us. The works in this show, Glyphs, while denoting elements such as earth and sky also speak of a ‘presence’, that is part of the day and night of our existence, part of a known reality but also an unknowable, timeless one.’ - G.W. Bot, 2019

'Glyphs' presents an outstanding series of new work by celebrated artist G.W. Bot across a diverse range of media including glass, ceramic, bronze, steel, tapa cloth and linocuts. This exhibition is current until 8 March 2020.

15 Roylston Street, Paddington NSW, Australia
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