Gemma Smith

The first career survey of Australian artist Gemma Smith traces the development of Smith’s practice since 2003 and its experimentation with the language of painting. It celebrates Smith’s reworking of abstract codes and styles, as well as her testing of colour, form and painterly gestures.

'Rhythm Sequence' includes a collection of Smith’s early paintings depicting crystalline forms and geometric compositions on chessboards; sculptural ‘boulders’ and ‘adaptables’ where colours are reconfigured and interact; hard edge and gestural works that explore the blocking, translucency and opacity of paints; and Smith’s most recent works in which colour is barely perceptible. Rather than reflect a chronology, the exhibition is sequenced to emphasise an enduring interest in the act of painting itself, with the arrangement of small boards and large canvases reflecting the physicality and the intimacy of studio work.

UNSW Galleries, Paddington NSW, Australia
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