A group art show of over 20 artists from around the world invited to create – inspired by the word “Glib.”

Duckrabbit is proud to present a vibrant group show of works by artists invited to respond to the word ¨Glib.¨

On the surface Glib is used as a word by older generations against today’s media heavy culture. Calling them “social-media obsessed, image-driven, all style no substance.” As creatives, we might easily be seen to be perpetuating a perceived “empty aesthetic”.
We asked: How would you interpret the word Glib through your artwork? How might you re-claim the word? What would your response be if someone said you’re being Glib? What does Glib mean to you?

The result is a glimmering showcase of photography, intaglio prints, digital art, installation, paintings and risos that speaks to the times that we live in. Together these varied interpetations dance the line between light-hearted and deeply thought-provoking.

Alessandra Corazzini (Venezuela)
Carolina Mizrahi (Brazil)
Bettina M. Stovne (Norway)
Chris Twiney (Australia)
Cyril France (Ghana)
Daniel Roman (Costa Rica)
Dick Davey (United Kingdom)
Emily Sommerfield (Israel)
Harry Vincent (United Kingdom)
Ismael Abdallah (Switzerland)
Jake Cormack (Australia)
Jake Woollard (Australia)
Jamie Preisz (Australia)
Marty Baptist (Australia)
Minh Cao (United States)
Oscar Fadeli (France)
Sabrina Lau (United States)
Sivert Mork (Norway)
Tony Beaver (United Kingdom)
Yarza Twins (Spain)

138 Little Eveleigh Street, Redfern 2016
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