Graziela Guardino solo exhibition at MAY SPACE

'Finite Infinity' (2020) takes inspiration from poems that express opposing notions in line with my exploration of the binary forces that life presents. The work is of a restrictive palette, ambiguously portraying the dichotomies of experience such as absence and presence, darkness and light, and fragility and resilience; aspects that have accompanied human existence. Consequently, Finite Infinity offers a visual metaphor for how these opposing dualities can simultaneously exist and cause ripples or understanding in our lives.

The materials used — linen, wood, brass, thread and paint — were chosen for their transformative qualities. Through a continuous process of experimentation — building, deconstructing, cutting, painting, pulling threads and sewing — symmetrical and asymmetrical forms are created and juxtaposed to evoke a sense of space, volume and distance while the textures and layers unveil the degree of psychological responses of such experiences. The titles of each piece, on the other hand, directly reference fragments of poems to offer a deeper insight into the abstract ideas presented in the work.

Overall, the exhibition is a thoughtful reflection on my past experiences and attempts to reconcile these dichotomies by creating a space for viewers to contemplate their own experiences. The binary forces that play out in our lives, collectively form an endless tapestry of human experience, the meaning of which can only be gained by taking a step back.'

- Graziela Guardino

409b George Street, Waterloo NSW, Australia
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