International Women's Day - A celebration and protest of women's art

Frida Kahlo had it – a defiance and confidence that made her the twentieth century’s first ‘selfie superstar’. Georgia O’Keeffe had it – a brazen and innovative palette that confirmed her as the ‘Mother of American Modernism’. Tracy Emin has it – her frank and provocative art exposing an inventory of unconventional womanhood. The ‘it’ is boldness – a determination to speak, without fear or fancy, of the power of the female voice in public discourse.

In celebration of the dynamism and influence of this conversation, .M Contemporary announces the inaugural Heroine Exhibition, to take place in Sydney from March 8th to 24th, coinciding with International Women’s Day 2019. The Exhibition brings together emerging and established Australian artists with a series of renowned international names, each a daring and adventurous identity in women’s art.

Artists to be featured include Joan Ross, Karla Dickens, Hoda Afshar, Min Wong, Millie Mitchell, Manon Mikolaitis, Paula do Prado, Machiko Motoi, Jane Guthleben, Jodi Clark, Lisa Jones, Nicole O'Loughlin and Sian Watson.

.M Contemporary, Ocean Street, Woollahra NSW, Australia
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