Group Show Curated by Katherine Hattam

In response to the growing movement towards equal respect, opportunity and recognition for women artists, Arthouse Gallery director, Ali Yeldham, has invited prominent Australian artist Katherine Hattam to curate an exhibition of women artists that currently inspire her.

Throughout her life and career, Katherine Hattam has engaged, actively, with the cultural, historical and personal ecology of feminism. Avoiding overt didacticism, the Melbourne artist has honed a unique visual vernacular that partially uncovers the gendered ways in which the Western cultural edifice has been constructed. For Hattam, patriarchy is alive and well even now, and – despite undeniable progress – the art world is still shadowed by this.

In her recent works, Hattam has been incorporating the names of friends, writers, curators and artists (all women) to forge an alternate nomenclature of art history. Largely inspired by Phillip Guston’s Pantheon (1973), these works include pages from Penguin classics and modernist textbooks – an emblematic act of recycling that speaks to the need of readdressing historical gender bias.

The exhibition I Am Here deepens this tenor of Hattam’s practice and continues the recent cultural current of elevating the voices of women, such as the #MeToo movement. Curated by Hattam and featuring the work of forty women artists, the presentation directly responds to the National Gallery of Australia’s Know My Name campaign (which profiles over 150 artists as well as texts written by more than 115 women). While speaking to the need for sharper visibility of women artists, it celebrates the work of a diverse group of inter-generational women from Sydney, Melbourne and beyond. I Am Here heralds a new chapter – a fresh wave rolling towards the not-too-distant horizon where gender hierarchy is a pale relic of the past.

We are thrilled to invite you to view this important collection of work, created by a truly diverse group of artists.

66 McLachlan Ave, Darlinghurst NSW 2010, Australia
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