Taylor Thomas (USA) & Thorbjørn Bechmann (DK)

A treasured work is one which has the ability to immerse its viewer into a tantalising sensory experience and thereby, introduce fresh ways of feeling. This is true of the two renowned gestural painters, Thorbjørn Bechmann and Taylor O. Thomas, whose work is the focal point of our upcoming exhibition, IMMERSION.

Both Bechmann and Thomas’ artistic practices are detailed, innovative and remarkably unique. This unwavering attention to practice and process, is what gifts their works a depth that sets them apart from their contemporaries.

Bechmann lives and works in Copenhagen. His paintings achieve an unmatched radiance and atmosphere through the repetitive layering of solvent-diluted oil paint, in a variety of hues, vibrancies and viscosities. Painted flat on the ground, Bechmann allows his mediums to flow freely; organically finding their place upon the canvas. His knowledge of the interactions between medium, colour and form is admirable. Though, what really elevates his work, is his innate ability to be flexible with his artistic process, leaving some variables to chance. In turn, Bechmann’s work invites its viewer to relinquish control, and immerse deeply into the experience of the art itself.

Thomas similarly imbues her work with new layers of meaning by experimenting with a variety of tools and mediums. "A painting may begin with a gesture I have borrowed from a dilapidated wall, cracking tile, scurrying commuter, or draping telephone wire. It continues based on the objects that jolt my attention within my studio walls”, she explains. Thomas approaches each work with a sense of spontaneity and intuition; intentionally constructing a compositional plan, so that it may be disrupted and refigured throughout the process of creation. The artist squeezes the most from her practice; exploring every avenue, and as a result, creates a tactile dialogue that questions what it means to be immersed fully within our bodies, our actions and our feeling.

76 Paddington St, Paddington NSW 2021, Australia
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