Carmel Byrne

In the Grove is a series of paintings and drawings that conflate modern human domestic experiences with ancient human peccadillos as told through Greek Mythology. Judgements or opinions on human behaviour has been a constant throughout the ages underscoring the view that when it comes to human interaction, ‘everything changes, nothing changes’. This series of works explore a range of human conditions extracting expression from the inner world of the subjects.

"The figurative drawings begin in a weekly life-drawing session where actors, performance artists, and sometimes people that have never before modelled, pose for a life drawing session at Scratch Art Space. The longest pose is 20 minutes so I work on a small (usually A5) scale. The scale and time-limit provides a boundary where I need to be economic in regards to mark-making and composition.

During the twenty minutes I need to capture the quality of the moment. I do this with codes inserted into the drawings that I later translate in the studio to complete them as finished works.

I then choose some of the small scale works to translate into large paintings. During this process I project my own experiences that are intermingled with the energy and feeling of the original works."

Introducing work from Scratch Director Carmel Byrne /