Dylan Goh

“kaikai” is an exhibition turned living room which spotlights the junction of traditional and contemporary customs in my life as a second generation Australian. kaikai (meaning ‘food’ in Pijin) references my family’s diasporic movements across Hong Kong, Malaysia, Solomon Islands and finally, Australia.

From mahjong to bubble tea, “kaikai” re-creates elements of my grandmother’s house where sixteen people gather every Friday for dinner. In this unassuming space, a cross-generational transfer of language and cultural knowledge occurs.
Through rituals of food and play, “kaikai” transforms the gallery into a liminal space for cultural enrichment and celebration of one’s heritage.
Dylan Goh is an Asian-Australian artist-curator working on unceded Bidjigal and Gadigal lands. His multidisciplinary practice (encompassing installation, performance, ceramics) is grounded in principles of storytelling. Speaking to personal experiences as an Asian-Australian, Dylan strongly believes in the power of exchanging stories to engender empathy between people.
Dylan completed “Lunar Wishes”, a a mural for Lunar New Year 2021 in the Hurstville Interchange. In 2020, he was awarded the New Colombo Plan Fellowship for South Korea to specialise in intangible cultural heritage. That year, he curated “#mealtimewithdilly” - an online exhibition amplifying connections between food, memory and culture during the pandemic. In 2019, Dylan exhibited in Vivid Light with “Celestial Pancake” – a suspended light installation in Circular Quay - and was a finalist in the Kudos Emerging Artist + Designer Award (2019).
He is currently mentoring under Asian Arts curator Min-Jung Kim at the Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences.

Oxford St & Greens Rd, Paddington NSW 2021, Australia
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