Currently featuring 33 Australian Artists:Amanda Brooks, Belinda Rogers, Catherine Hiller, Camilla Cicoria, Charles Smith, Dinah Wakefield, Fiona Chandler, Joan Blond, Kristina Martin, Jud Keresztesi, Juju Roche, Jess Rigby, Karin Cutler, Katie Wyatt , Kim Todisco, Martine Vanderspuy, Pamela Honeyfield, Ruchi Rai, Sabi Klein, Simon Palmer, Suzie Riley, Tracy Gosling, Vivienne Vanderspuy & guest artists.

The Martine Gallery is unique in the fact that it does not hold exhibitions but exhibits the work of each of our artist on an ongoing basis.
We rotate their work every week creating a never-ending exhibition.
We exhibit 33 Australian Artists, catering to many different audiences so there are a variety of styles to select from.