Mary Brown Napangati

Language/Tribal Group: Walpri / Pintupi
BIRTHPLACE : In the locality of Lapi Lapi on the Western Australia / Northern Territory border 870km WNW of Alice Springs.

Mary’s parents were traditional people from the Mina Mina area which lies between Nyrripi and Lapi Lapi. Mina Mina is also traditional country to Mary’s extended family which includes Paddy Lewis Tjapanangka being the father of the late Dorothy Napangati, Dorothy being a cousin to Mary. Pegleg Tjampitjinpa was Mary’s brother in law having been married to Mary’s sister Margaret.

Mary and her extended family were brought into Mount Doreen by the anthropologist Donald F Thomson in 1957 ( reference “ Bindibu Country )
After the establishment of Nyrripi community, which lies 160km west of Yuendumu, and on the south west boundary of Mount Doreen Station which encompasses an area of 8000 km sq, the family re-located, she now bides her time between Kintore and Nyrripi with her husband Ronnie Tjampitjinpa.

515 Sydney Road, Seaforth NSW, Australia
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