Naomi Segal

As part of the Art Month Sydney Paddington gallery crawl on the 27th of March, we invite you to join us in the gallery from 3 - 5pm for an iteration of artist Naomi Segal’s Zine Dreams workshop series. Held in conjunction with our exhibition Textbook for Desire, Segal will facilitate and invite members of the public to produce small texts, pamphlets, notebooks, comics, recipe books, zines and anything in between on desire, art or whatever they’d like.

Aiming to be non-prescriptive in it’s form, the workshop intends to present zine-making and text sharing as a community nurturing exercise. Zine Dreams is a potluck-style zine-making session where attendees are invited to bring spare materials from home - including stickers, beads, pressed flowers, leaves, posters, ideas or emphermera. Nothing is too little or too much! Cement Fondu will provide materials too.

Naomi Segal is an artsworker who makes installations, comics, zines, workshops, exhibitions and collaborative projects from the unceded lands of the Darug and Gundungurra peoples (Blue Mountains, NSW).
Their practice is invested in non-masterful and vulnerable approaches to both making and being with one another. Counter to the ideal of an artist being singularly masterful and self-sufficient in their skillset, Naomi embraces non-mastery as a conduit to more inter-reliant, collaborative and community-generated processes of artmaking. She is also committed to unconventional modes of display, materiality, and diasporic/queer subjectivity and illegibility - with a particular attentiveness to practitioners emerging from Asian histories.

Following the workshop will be a series of readings by Western Sydney Literacy Movement Sweatshop Women at 5pm - 6pm, as well as a music performance lectures by New Age Noise 6pm - 7pm.

This workshop is free, however placements are limited and RSVP is essential.

36 Gosbell Street
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