Sarah Goffman, Brendan Vivian Smith, Mirra Whale and Zara June Williams.

Home’s Art Month exhibition - ‘Pairings’ - will explore the chemistry that occurs when artists with distinct approaches are paired.

The exhibition will feature a suite of paintings by Zara June Williams alongside painted sculptural works by Brendan Vivian Smith. In the upstairs gallery, new still life works by Mirra Whale will be complemented by arrangements of objects by Sarah Goffman. The four artists in ‘Pairings’ explore the surface. While all use the language of painting, the processes and materials used differ creating individual voices. Through the thoughtful combination of elements, four voices connect to create a compelling exhibition.

The selection of artists draws connections between techniques and mediums. By bringing together 2 and 3D work in a home, the viewer will be able to gain an understanding of how artworks speak to each other – allowing an appreciation of how art can be more than the sum of its parts.

735 Bourke Street, Redfern NSW, Australia
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