Patrick Pound

We are very pleased to present The Fall, a solo exhibition by Patrick Pound, his first with Darren Knight Gallery from 23 February - 30 March 2019.
The artist Patrick Pound is a collector. Through complex arrangements and installations of photographs and objects selected from the artist’s expansive archives, Pound’s practice explores the art of collecting and the ways in which ‘things’ and the relationship between them can create a new logic or narrative for the viewer to decipher.
'I treat the world as a puzzle to be solved’, says Patrick Pound. He sits for hours every day on eBay, scouring the site for random snapshots, discarded family albums, defunct newspaper archives and cinema stills – then creates installations from his vast collection of found photography. ‘My work has the look of being made by someone who, having tried to explain the world and having failed, has been reduced to collecting it' he jokes'.
(from Dead or Alive. Disquieting photographs to haunt your dreams. an interview with the artist by Sean O’hagan, first published in The Guardian, 14 December 2015.)

840 Elizabeth Street, Waterloo NSW, Australia
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