Reece King

Gallery 9 is proud to present SILVER, King’s first show with Gallery 9. Reece King (1989) graduated with a Bachelor degree of Design and Visual Arts from Unitec in 2012. Since then, King has exhibited regularly ever exploring a contemporary painting practice in NZ from a primarily formal modernist painting tradition view point.

"In the work of Reece King, rarified mediations on the ideals of abstraction get fragmented and tossed like salad. Unencumbered by history, the artist takes a visceral rather than academic route into abstract painting. A series of allusive and mis-shapen attribu- tions give his uniquely constituted language levity. The ingredients have freight, but are neither exotic nor sublime. The repeated motifs never ascend into symbolism, rather King’s casual geometry — imperfect circles rendered with perfect insouciance, off- kilter triangles and aberrant zigzags — get put together with a winning ease. King’s paintings are not Jazz age amalgams or painfully wrought pastiches from the age of appropriation. Many artists work from the premise that something is at stake, King in contrast sets an alluring kind of slapstick in motion. He perforates the sanctity of the picture plane: painting holes in his paintings; putting ordinary things together in pleasurable and unpredictable ways, and generally draining the angst from an exercise in authorship. This is the output of someone who likes what he’s doing — con- stantly manoeuvring restless, wriggling form about. It’s an attitude that propagates many different kinds of paintings, that are nevertheless consistently incapable of melancholy." – Richard Fahey

Gallery 9, Darley Street, Darlinghurst NSW, Australia
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