Kate Florence

This body of work is a series of experimental paintings, stills that are encompassing layers of form, snippets of a story, with no beginning and no end, moments of play between humans, moments of joy, moments of tenderness. Exploring soft, large areas of colour, layers over layers of paint, each one a building block in time, capturing a moment before evolving into something new.

Kate combines colour with her signature line work, her process is largely based on intuition, creating conversation through colour and form, her expressiveness is portrayed through her fluid application of paint, with her focus tuned into the emotive response of colours and the patterns created through her many layers of working.

Meet the Artist - Saturday the 13th of March 11 - 4pm
Virtual Opening 10th March after 6pm at www.saintcloche.com

37 Macdonald st, Paddington, 2021
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