Garth Knight

Tension combines several challenging and mysterious bodies of work and performance art that confront rational discussion; is this some sort of pagan ritual, gratuitous erotic bondage, an investigation of ineffable mental journeying, or simply an exquisite exploration of aesthetics?

For his latest exhibition at 107 Projects, Knight will be showing two series of photographic works, Abyss (2018) and Arachne (2017), and a video work made from his recent performance, Submission (2018), made on Cockatoo Island for The Festival of Dangerous Ideas. Along side these works Knight will be installing a rope and stone sculpture that will be continuously woven and constructed over the entire duration of the exhibition. Three live performance art pieces, in collaboration with other performance artists Paloma Negra and The Queen of Flesh, will take place within this installation to a live soundscape produced by Jonny Seymour (Stereogamous and Club Kooky).

Knight’s witnessed involvement in his work brings out the shamanic element of what he does; the lengthy preparation and execution, the trance like state of intricate and repetitive movements, the personal commitment (and strain) of both himself and the other performers makes it profound, and different from work that might only be concerned with the aesthetics of the pleasing. All those involved in the making of these works, including the viewer, commit to both physical and psychological challenges, presenting themselves as both vulnerable and powerful to each other.

All performances are open to all, by donation, pay what you think. Venue capacity is limited.

Performances are open to all, by donation, pay what you think.
Venue capacity is limited, first in first served.

107 Redfern St
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