Penelope Lee

Go with the flow and enjoy a day of mindful art making while learning the art of Suminagashi, meaning “floating ink.” This ancient form of Japanese printmaking enables the creation of delicate imagery reminiscent of water, wind or even woodgrain. This deeply engaging and highly accessible printing technique, is equally suited to both works on paper and textile art.

In this workshop we begin with step-by-step demonstrations followed by hands on experience in different print methods on a variety papers and textiles. Drops of ink are floated on water to create beautiful fluid designs which are then captured on paper or fabric. You will learn how to apply Suminagashi to printmaking, book making, collage, paper sculpture and textiles as well as the opportunity to apply your own unique prints to your choice of a book, scarf or fan.
Penelope is passionate about sharing her print making experience with artists and enthusiastic students of all ages. No prior knowledge is required and individual exploration is encouraged. Specialist printing equipment and inks are provided. By the end of the workshop you will have experienced the joys of mindful art making while gaining insight into the endless possibilities of Suminagashi.

A4 sketch book/visual diary
Pencils, pens, eraser, for drawing and writing
4 medium size watercolour brushes
A3 watercolour paper for personal prints
A3 sized white silk or lawn cotton fabric (optional) Old clean hand towel/rags
Disposable gloves
Waterproof apron

SUPPLIED MATERIALS: Notes and resource list Sample Booklet
Printing trays Suminagashi inks Dispersant
Ink Pallets
Skimming paper
6 sheets A4 Chinese calligraphy paper
3 sheets A3 Chinese calligraphy paper
Drying equipment

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