Elizabeth Dunn, Emma Davies, Paula do Prado, Tracey Deep, Simone Fraser, Lynnette Griffiths, Marion Gaemers, Michele Morcos, Maricelle Olivier & Nicole Robins

In this exhibition we celebrate space – the parts that have been left open and create the feeling of looking through, looking in and looking within. As beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so is the idea that what is left unsaid can have the strongest impact, what is left out can be the most prudent. An artworks success is not always about what is there but what is not there. It all is down to individual perspective as well as the understanding of artistic devices or techniques.

The Space Within will showcase several artists that consistently use these devices in their artwork and explore the empty, open, pierced and negative space – the space within.

609 Elizabeth St, Redfern NSW 2016, Australia
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