Jon Cattapan

Jon Cattapan’s solo show 'Threshold Days' features monumental new paintings that engulf the viewer in eddies of high key colours and complex, latticed layers. Each one appears caught in a moment of passage or dissolution, from the vaporous and fluid to the more solid and fleshy. Jon's solo show also includes experimental new 3D prints that echo the architecture of his paintings in deep-set relief.

Jon Cattapan is an extensively exhibited visual artist who lives and works in Melbourne. He is known for panoramic layered city vistas and has a long held preoccupation for the way human beings negotiate territories. Within his works we see influences of science fiction, abstract expressionism, data scapes, and urban social debates. Jon's works can be found in the collections of all Australian State museums and he has been the recipient of prestigious awards and residencies, including the Bulgari Art Award.