Maya Kilic, Blake Lawrence, Lotus Daddo & Kevin Diallo.

Presented by UTS Gallery and Central Park Mall, early-career digital artists occupy the Central Park Mall media wall for Art Central during Art Month 2021.

This screen program, curated by UTS Gallery & Art Collection, profiles the diverse work of recent Graduates from the UTS Bachelor of Design (Honours) in Photography: Maya Kilic, Blake Lawrence, Lotus Daddo, and Kevin Diallo.

Exhibiting over four weeks, with each week featuring one artist’s work, the program will explore issues as diverse as morning and loss, sexuality, witchcraft, and cultural identity.

4 – 10 March 2021:
Maya Kilic b. 1998
Great Escape, 2020
Great Escape is a series of related works which play with the tradition of self-portraiture to depict reality as an interplay of physical, virtual and imagined realms.

11 – 17 March 2021:
Blake Lawrence b. 1986
Mourning Chorus, 2020
Mourning Chorus uses the gestural performance of the lip-sync as a speculative pathway for honouring and grieving biological losses in the contemporary mass extinction event we call the Anthropocene.

18 – 24 March 2021:
Lotus Daddo b. 1996
What you are Looking for Just a Click Away, 2020
Adapted into video format for this program, What you are Looking for is Just a Click Away is an interactive website that uses cyber-technology to reimagine and exaggerate the mysticism and magic surrounding witches and witchcraft.

25 – 31 March 2021:
Kevin Diallo b. 1987
The Best Gigs Happen on Boats, 2019
A work rooted in post-colonial discourse and race politics, The Best Gigs Happen on Boats illustrates how the artist attempted to reclaim the ocean as a space to practice resistance and healing through dance and movement.

Central Park Mall, Broadway, Chippendale NSW, Australia
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