Art Month Sydney is a city-wide festival that celebrates contemporary art, artists and galleries through a rich and diverse program of exhibitions, workshops, panel discussions, artist studio visits, tours, precinct nights, parties and more.

We hope you will join us in exploring Sydney’s thriving creative spaces and connecting with our diverse community of artists!

Art Month Sydney is a not-for-profit festival of contemporary art produced by the Australian Art Events Foundation, a registered non-profit organisation ABN 97 137 878 098

Australian Art Events Foundation Board Members

Chair, Fredrik Blencke | Kate Britton | Alex Seton | Nick Tobias | Brett Kelly | Emma Van Haandel | Daniel McMillan | Rhianna Walcott

Art Month Sydney Founders
Vasili Kaliman & Michael Reid

Art Month Sydney Staff
Festival Director Emma O’Neill
Public Relations The Fold PR
Web Design Formist
Design Elle Williams